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Project Profile:
St. John's College Highschool

The civil engineer, Landesign, Inc. of Bowie, Maryland, in concert with the project architect, Perkins Eastman, came up with a design to detain and convey both the roof, patio and concrete service road runoff. All combined, the underground storage tank, piping the runoff to daylight, and paving of the service road would cost the school approximately $150,000.


PaveDrain - Stormwater & Driveway Upgrades Service Road and Turn-Around, St. John's College High School, Washington D.C. PaveDrain - St. John's Capital Investment Chart

EMCO Site Solutions

Ernest Maier's Site Solutions Division presented PaveDrain as an alternative solution to Landesign. By modifying the base depth of clean stone in different areas of the service road and modeling the storage capacity of the arch in the PaveDrain block, Landesign Inc. utilized PaveDrain to solve various point source issues presented at St. John's.

A PaveDrain service road could not only infiltrate direct rainfall on the 8,000 square foot service road, but also to infiltrate the rainfall from the 16,500 square feet of roof and patio adjacent to this service road. The PaveDrain solution designed for the stormwater management challenge saved St. John's $50,000 in their upfront construction costs from its original "detain and convey" design and will infiltrate 600,000 gallons or 80,000 cubic feet of rainfall annually.

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