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Project Profile:
Mount Ranier, Maryland

Mount Rainier and the residents along 35th and 36th Streets had reached a tipping point. Habitual, even predictable, flooding of residential basements and backyards called for action. After researching several options, City Manager Jeanelle Wallace and Assistant City Manager Michael Jackson chose PaveDrain Performance Pavement™ system to remedy the drainage issues. PaveDrain is manufactured locally by EMCO Site Solutions parent company Ernest Maier Block in Bladensburg, MD.


EMCO Site Solutions

See pictures and descriptions of the EMCO Site Solutions Team and our products in action below. See the article Mount Rainier Residents Hopeful Repaving Project Ends Recurring Flooding written by David Gross and posted Dec 8th on The Gazette.Net, Maryland Community Online News.

There were two phases to the Mount Rainier project, the alleyway and the municipal parking lot. Both served up their own special challenges as site work projects always do.