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Strata Systems is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of a diversified group of SRW support products such as Strata Grid, Strata Tex, and Sleeve-It. In addition, Strata now offers an aggregate / granular confinement system, Strata Web, for stabilizing soils, road bases, and footings.

Strata Grid and Strata Tex

Ernest Maier stocks and distributes the full line of Strata GeoGrid and Geotextiles which are utilized as internal soil reinforcement in a wide variety of applications including retaining walls, reinforced steep slopes, highway and rail embankments, landslide repairs, landfills, dams, levees, and temporary walls.

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Strata Grid and Strata Tex Strata Grid and Strata Tex


As a pre-engineered / pre-designed system, Sleeve-It™ is a proven fence post integration device designed to reduce specifier liability and associated costs with building code compliance. Using the system as part of the SRW eliminates a 3 foot offset requirement for rails and fences that are added after wall construction. Sleeve-It™ offers a below grade engineered design that provides superior safety in a cost effective solution.

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Strata Web

When filled with granular material, StrataWeb forms a composite 3-dimensional structure that substantially increases the load bearing capacity of the underlying subgrade. Each cell confines the soil preventing lateral spreading and increasing base course stiffness. Both soil interaction with the cell walls and passive resistance developed between adjoining cells, increases vertical shear resistance of the soil. The result is a structure that acts like a stiff soil beam, and in effect, imparts an apparent cohesion characteristic to a wide variety of infill materials.

The "zone" of base course confinement is much greater than conventional geogrids so the stabilizing capacity is far greater. One of the most important benefits of StrataWeb over geogrids is the ability to utilize inferior fill such as quarry screenings, sand, on-site granular soil, recycled asphalt or crushed concrete. Even with inferior fill it is possible to reduce base course thickness by as much as 50%.

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Strata Web Strata Web