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Rockwood Retaining Wall

Rockwood Classic® 8 SRW retaining wall is manufactured by Ernest Maier at our block plant in Bladensburg, Maryland. Classic® 8 is the high performance 1 square foot retaining wall specified by engineers and architects. Known for its ease of installation, strength, and versatility, professional retaining wall installers prefer Classic® 8 due to increased production per day.

Rockwood Classic® 8 is typically installed as a grid reinforced retaining wall in fill situations and cut situations with ample room for geo-grid tiebacks in the reinforcement zone. Rockwood Classic® 8 shape, known in the industry as the "dog bone", provides 'handles' for the installer taking stress out of the hand work. In installation, the open sides are filled with #57 stone serving dual purposes of drainage and locking the system together, block to block and course to course.

Rockwood Retaining Wall

Rockwood Classic 8 Textures, Colors, And Variety

Ernest Maier Block manufactures stock colors of buff (shown) and natural gray. Special colors are welcome. Just bring us a sample color to match. Minimum SF order required. Special order colors are priced per job.

Classic® 8 Straight-Split
Classic® 8 Straight-Split
8" x 18" x 12"
200mm x 450mm x 300mm
80 lbs., 36 kg
Universal Cap
Universal Cap
4" x 18" x 10.5"
100mm x 450mm x 263mm
54 lbs., 25 kg

Estimating Cost And Engineering

Ernest Maier Site Solutions recommends all walls 4' or taller be designed and stamped by an engineer licensed in the state where the wall will be built. Engineering referrals are available.

Rockwood is priced FOB Ernest Maier or landed within 100 mile radius of the manufacturing facility in Bladensburg, MD. The Ernest Maier Site Solutions along with Rockwood Engineering will assist in obtaining an estimate of materials for your project to include wall blocks, caps, geo-grid, filter fabric, base stone, drainage stone, and cubic yards of backfill. To obtain this free preliminary and estimate, the contractor needs to provide the following:

  • Grading plans rendering the location of the retaining wall(s) as well as existing and proposed grades
  • Soils report
  • Pertinent details
  • Specifications

Allow 1 week for the plans to be evaluated and preliminary engineering review and estimate to be generated.


Installation manuals are available in English and Spanish below:

Click to Download Rockwood Installation Guide in English

Click to Download Rockwood Installation Guide in Spanish

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