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Ernest Maier distributes NDS Pro products to support of the homeowner and pro contractors with their drainage needs. Whether you need a french drain or channel drain, root barriers or pop up emitters, Ernest Maier and NDS Pro are equipped with the solutions to your drainage issues. Give us a call.

EZ-Drain French Drain The Homeowner's Choice - easy to install, no gravel required.

EZ-Drain French Drain

EZ-Drain Gravel Free French Drains by NDS are geosynthetic aggregate slotted pipe systems for use in drainage applications. Manufactured from recycled polystyrene, EZ-Drain evacuates up to five time more water than standard gravel and pipe French drains. EZ-Drain provides maximum system life and performance, lower system costs, and an environmentally friendly alternative.

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EZflow French Drain The Professional's Choice

EZflow French Drain EZflow French Drain

EZflow is a gravel-free alternative to a traditional French Drain system. By collecting surface water and redistributing it into the subsoil, EZflow also offers a sustainable solution for management of stormwater run-off.

Competitive Benefits

  • Lightweight product decreases labor by up to 50%
  • Can support up to an H-10 load without crushing when installed as recommended
  • Increased void space of aggregate creates improved flow rate and storage capacity of system
  • Engineered aggregate has more structural integrity than gravel to better resist compaction
  • Durable structure, lasts for over 100 years
  • Quicker and easier to clean up job site than when using gravel

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Pro Series Channel Drain System

Pro Series Channel Drain System Pro Series Channel Drain System

The NDS Pro Series is a lightweight Channel drain system with interlocking joints, so connections are made quickly and easily. The modular design offers flexibility as each 20" section of channel can be snapped together for longer runs or divided down to lengths as short as 4" for smaller, interlocking sections.

Lightweight parts connect easily to sewer and drain pipe and fittings or SCH 40 pipe and fittings, and side and bottom outlets can be connected anywhere along the channel run.

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Additional Support Products

Catch Basins and Grates
Pop Up Emitters